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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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bridge honors him being named after him. >> we're taking you on a wild roller coaster ride when it comes to the final week of summer weather. temperatures comfortable today. first we go down, then we sky rocket and we have rain on the seven-day forecast. we'll sort it out for you. >> as we make that rise or the fall across the bay bridge you notice you can't see part of that. that's one of your concerns. we'll follow your traffic into and out of the city. >> we're going to take you live to the south bay. hope you're smiling, we're laughing here on this monday, believe it or not. yes. looks so pretty on monday, september 16, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. it's 5:00 on the nose. i'm marla tellez in for laura. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. happening now a crew in italy
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starting the daring effort to raise that ship wrecked "costa concordia" cruise liner to be eventually towed away. we have a live look there from the scene this morning. engineers, they are using pulleys and counterweights trying to right that ship which has been resting off the coast since it ran aground back in january 2012. we just learned engineers, they have successfully detached the capsized concordia from that reef it was stuck on. so far good news, no new bodies have been found. we can look back and tell you the crash that killed at least 30 people, two people are still reported missing. work to right the ship we can tell you started just after midnight so it's been going on for a few hours. this entire process is expected to take at least 12 hours. >> back in the bay area, local first responders are getting ready to take part in a disaster response training exercise at sfo. christie smith is live at sfo
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now. this training is very valuable, especially in the wake of a asiana crash. >> absolutely. this is with new equipment for first responders here at sfo. as you cede big training exercise in the wake of that asiana crash here at sfo this summer. these exercises help first responders prepare for disasters, they practice aircraft fire fighting, pilot extrication and evacuation. it's something that they do regularly but today, firefighters, paramedics and emts do these with the marine corps new mv-22 osprey aircraft. it takes off and lands like a helicopter but has the capability to fly out like a plane. it would be used for humanitarian and disaster situations. this happens as asiana airlines whose plane went down in july
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says it will boost pilot training and start an outside review of safety standards. pilots will get more time in flight simulators to prepare for airports that don't have guidance systems. the training is at 9:00 this morning at the coast guard station here at sfo. live at sfo, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 5:03 now. grief counselors will be on campus at an antioch high school after a car crash killed a popular student. that crash happening friday night on hillcrest avenue near sterling hill drive. a 17-year-old deer valley high school student died after being thrown from a vehicle that crashed into a tree. the 19-year-old driver of that car remains hospitalized in serious condition. police now say a second vehicle was involved somehow and the driver of that car is cooperating. antioch police say both cars were speeding at the same time on the same street.
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at this point police do not believe they were racing. we can tell you the vehicles did not hit each other and alcohol does not appear to be a factor. >> authorities in san francisco are trying to identify a human foot that washed ashore on ocean beach. the discovery was made yesterday on a section of the beach. the medical examiner says the foot was inside a running shoe and had probably been in the water for some time. there was no other sign of the rest of the body. authorities say the shoe was a green and black mesh puma shoe size 11 1/2. five livermore teens arrested in connection to vandalism. suspects include two 16-year-old boys and a 16-year-old girl. police say the teens shot out dozens of home and car windowes with a pellet gun earlier this
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m. 38 people on the west side of livermore reported having their windows shattered. all five teens are facing vandalism charges. >> new developments to tell you about in colorado this morning. another round of heavy rain pounding the state over the weekend, they have gotten very few break, prompting more flooding in a region under water. weekend storm there grounding rescue helicopters leaving hundreds of people still granded out in mountain communities. more than 1200 people have not been heard from. at least five deaths so far have been reported. roads have been washed out and more than 18,000 homes have been damage ordinary destroyed. you can see some of them completely engulfed. volunteers are pouring in to help. bob has that side of the story including a few volunteers from here in the bay area. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. it's three red cross volunteers headed to colorado to help with the flood relief. keep in mind they tell us this
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is just the beginning of their response so it's possible more people from our area could be headed to that disaster zone. it's waiting for a call from authorities to tell them what is needed. we spoke with one volunteer now in colorado. she gave us a pretty good sense of what it's like in the flooded areas, what was striking to her is how packed the shelters are, not just with families but pets as well. >> mostly right now the conversation is about loss, loss of possessions and concern about pets was one of the big topics. people are concerned whether they will be able to go back to their home. and when of course the roads will be open again. >> reporter: she tells us that people were forced to evacuate so quickly, this is how fast they were forced to evacuate, they didn't have time to grab their i.d., showing up at shelters and don't have identification. as far as donations if you want to help and thinking about food
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or physical items, they say don't do that because they don't have a place to store them. any of that, those items. the best bet is money, cash. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> that's going to be a long tough recovery. >> meteorologist christina loren, on this monday it's pretty warm throughout if you are stepping out the door. >> it is nice out there. good morning to you. it's also good news when it comes to the colorado flooding. they aren't expecting much rain and tomorrow dry conditions starts to pick up. for us today, we're talking gorgeous conditions, a little warmer. we're a roller coaster ride. temperatures are going to go down, then come back up. and then we have showers in the forecast. it works out like this. warmer today by about 3 to 5 degrees, a cool ocean breeze on the way. foggy start to a funny finish. breezy for america's cup. can't wait to be throughout live tomorrow morning.
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we'll have that starting at 4:30 a.m. 75 in fremont and 79 degrees in santa teresa. we'll talk more about the showers. first let's check your drive. >> good morning, folks. here a wider shot of that incline. both directions on the same level. we have traffic to and from treasure island. you notice that it's our picture is cut off mid screen. the low clouds may be an issue on the san francisco side. not a big problem as far as the traffic flow. it moves smoothly to and krom the oakland side and nice down the east shore freeway. we'll follow this crash northbound 280, that seems to be where the reports are. a car went into a center divide. that's the reason why the southbound side is showing the slowdown. it's early in the commute. a smooth drive for 101 and 280 into san francisco.
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from the crash out of the lanes but still on the roadway. work looking toward san mateo and the dumbarton bridges. clouds around bay bridge. we'll look from hayward side. a clear view. looking westbound with the taillights, across the screen you see the high rise so. clear view at 92 and the dumbarton bridge looking pretty good. >> the mexican independence day flag will be hoist owed ver san jose's city hall tonight. council man compos will there be to raise the flag on this 203rd anniversary of mexico's independence. the ceremony starts at 6:00. >> very nice. 5:09. coming up, willie brown speaking out after a bridge is named after him. >> some high schoolers ready to play financial football with a pair of 49ers.
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good morning. high school students in san francisco will learn some lessons about money today from some 49ers players. vernon davis and joe staley will lead students in a game of financial football. it's going to happen add candlestick park. it's a video game and classroom lesson developed to help teach kids about financial responsibility. more than 40 high school students will meet in the team's locker room for the demonstration. >> hope vernon and joe look better in that game than the 49ers looked yesterday. your iphone will undergo changes. a new operating system coming.
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the question a lot of us have, do we have to upgrade? >> you probably want to. you'll find it harder if you don't to resist as the apps you use start to demand that you upgrade. some think very often you can go a long time. apple hopes you'll want to upgrade to the ios 7 when it releases on wednesday. the most notable change will be visual. your phone will look different. in a way you get a new phone. there are some analysts who worry that that could distract people from buying the iphone 5. htc for a second. that company having to lay off a number of people. "the new york times" reporting this morning that htc laid off an indeterminate number of folks, they have offices in san francisco and mountain view and we don't know how many but we do have some calls in to the company. let's get a check of trading. seema mody live at world headquarters. good morning.
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>> hey scott. you got to look at these market futures sharply higher as investors react to the decision by former treasury secretary larry summers to pull his name from consideration to replace ben bernanke. summers has been seen as likely to raise interest rates sooner. the markets right now coming off a positive week for the dow posting its second best week of the year. we get data on industrial production and later this week on housing. the fed begins a two-day policy meeting tomorrow. the dow rising 75 points on friday t nasdaq adding about 6. you got to look at the markets, scott. >> thank you much. jon and marla, summers' decision to pull out running the fed for the fed chair paves the way for now vice chairwoman janet yellen assuming she wants the job. president obama reportedly annoyed at some pushing to have yellen appointed because the fed's not supposed to be political but jon and marla, in
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the course of washington, everything is political. we're going to talk a lot more about yellen, why wall street likes her. >> very good. thank you. >> it's 5:15. christina loren joins us to talk about day one of our work week. another nice one? >> a beautiful day. just a beautiful day. you know what i mean. monday, things can be tough. not in the weather department, my friends. that is not the case whatsoever. i want to show you what we are working with to kick off the day. 64 degrees, comfortable start in san jose, 60, san francisco we've got plenty of mid-50s in wine country. good for the grapes, so good for the grapes. hour by hour, stop the clock at 8:00 a.m., that's where we expect the fog to be at its thickest so keep that in mind for your morning drive. they are going to span all the way inland. we stop the clock into lunch time, mostly clear conditions. what a beautiful day especially at the coast. we're getting readings that are
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a little higher than average for this time of year. that's 73 degrees on the way to places like santa cruz. beautiful conditions down there. we're going to hit about 68 in san francisco, 77 in oak town, big win for the raiders. 84 degrees in gilroy. so, let's talk about the big news in the weather department. our first round of fall showers right on par with the season. throughout this weekend we kick off fall, the first official day is sunday and the best chance for showers is late saturday night into sunday morning. and you're going to see that up in the north bay as per usual, the cool front dropping in from the north. with that said we still have about a 20% shot at least of getting a few showers in the south bay. that's looking good. i want to draw your attention to the roller coaster ride of temperatures. 85 today, down to 79 tomorrow, up to 90 by wednesday, 93 on thursday, mike, and then we cool you off bringing the clouds and a little bit of rain.
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>> over by the bay. steady flow of traffic now. moisture in the air. it's starting to pick up. we are showing our traffic and weather indexes are tied together. so we're looking at the possibility of fog as christina talking about farther north, maybe coming down out of novato. we zoom it out you see at the 101. there is a possibility of that drifting through. there may be an issue into vallejo. probably for highway 29 not for interstate 80. let's get you a look out there and show you the travel down interstate 80. this is a nice view. richmond to berkeley, there are the low clouds. we're watching for the potential of issues. back to the map, we're showing a smooth flow. you look at the tri-valley, easy approach. a mild little bit of slowing just below 60.
5:18 am
and the build over to livermore out of the altamont pass. and down into the south bay with mo major issues. back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. 5:18. willie brown is responding after state lawmakers decided to name the western span of the bay bridge after him. last week, the california senate and assembly voted to name the span after the former mayor of san francisco. this is despite opposition from the former san francisco supervisors and governor brown. willie brown was quiet until this weekend when he wrote this in his column and the "san francisco chronicle." he writes quote if having even part of it name affidavit me helps black kids understand that you don't need to be a good jump shooter or a rapper to get somewhere, that if you go to school and work your tail off you may get a bridge name affidavit you some day, then it has the potential to do some good. end quote. >> well said, mr. brown. the feeding of farrell cats on
5:19 am
the nature preserve could soon be a crime. feral cats accused of eating endangered species and the food leads to over crowding which leads to disease and injury. a proposed city ban on feral cat feeding could give the wildlife a chance. land managers and biologists say the cats not only kill mammals, reptiles and birds, they eat their eggs and we mentioned can spread diseases. >> a home grown sandwich chain will celebrate this week. eric's deli cafe turns 40 tomorrow. the shop featuring sandwiches and soups first opened in 1973. it has shops all over the bay area. to celebrate the anniversary eric's deli will hold an adoption eswrent the santa cruz spca. they will give away t-shirts to the first 150 customers at every
5:20 am
eric's. >> the proposal to rename san francisco's jerry garcia amphitheater is dead. the pavilion has been in talks since 2009 to put on a free concert, actually free concerts at the stage. under that the stage would have been renamed the levitt. the chronicle reporting a spokesperson announcing they passed on the site. nearly 50,000 people signed a petition earlier opposing the name change. >> a groundbreaking win as the miss america competition miss new york, nina davuluri, is the first indian-american woman to win the crown. the 24-year-old from syracuse competed on a platform of celebrating diversity through cultural competency. she performed a classic indian dance mixed with some bally wood
5:21 am
moves. it was unique. >> congratulations. 5:21. after decades on television, bob newhart getting the hoard wear he deserves. >> we'll take you on the set of the new today show. ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked. made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand new places.
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not to be outdone by mike inouye's favorite band one direction they have their hit flick t legendary band metallica. the the bay area is going to love it. the movie titled metallica through the never will premier on fourth street. the entire band will be on hand. they will meet and greet, walk
5:24 am
the red carpet, maybe have some pyrotechnics. tonight at 6:30. looks intense. >> i couldn't get enough back in the day. >> a lot of music in your ipod. 5:24. we've been hearing about it for a long time, the "today" show breaking out a fresh brand new look. >> after spending the better part of the last month outdoors you may have noticed they moved back inside into newly renovated digs. >> let's check it out. >> they are still outside. >> studio 1a got a top to bottom makeover, new furniture and new touch wall. >> i'm excited. it can do stuff that nobody else gets to do. >> i asked for a jacuzzi. didn't work out. >> we have a jacuzzi here. >> massage table, the whole bit. there will be a new member joining the show today, carson daly host of "the voice" in the
5:25 am
morning. the orange room. >> we didn't show much of the set. that's the tease so people tune in. >> at 7:00. >> daily will continue his spot but he is giving up duties on his late night show last call with carson daly. >> bob newhart, he spent several decades on tv entertaining families and people in general. in all those year there is is one thing he never got, an emmy. that is until last night. winning his first ever emmy during the creative arts ceremony for his guest role on the big bang theory. finally getting love for bob despite seven dpnominations. he never won. after taking the emmy he told the press at one point yeah, he kind of gave up and stopped submitting his name for consideration. but again, perseverance,
5:26 am
patience. >> it did pay off g. for him. monday is here and it's going to be a nice one. it's the last week of summer. >> it is. we have major changes to take you through as we head through this week. a little bit of everything including summer heat and then showers. we're going to sort that out. 63 in livermore. 64 to start off the day. 63 in san francisco. we all get award winning weather again today. that means temperatures aren't going to be too hot. mid 80s inland, upper 70s around the coast. i want to point out we don't have flight delays, we'll likely see those in san francisco throughout the morning hours you're looking good for your back to business monday. the drive, see how getting to the airport might treat you. >> across from oakland to san francisco there is one lane to avoid, the cash lane is the only red light. it doesn't sound like there are
5:27 am
delays along the peninsula. we show a smooth drive for 880 northbound as well as westbound, 580 a nice drive. along the peninsula that look for palo alto. >> mike, thanks so much. it's 5:27. preparing for disaster. the special training some first responders will take part in. >> we're all getting started. we take you live over to lit for work under way right now as we speak, trying to right the "costa concordia." off of the coast of italy. the latest on the recovery efforts.
5:28 am
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>> reporter: good morning. i'm bob redell. we'll tell you how the bay area is helping the people suffering in the floods in colorado. that story coming up. >> a week after the large fire on mt. diablo rangers are getting ready to reopen the park and start the rebuilding efforts. >> that's great news.
5:30 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures nice and comfortable to start. we are headed toward a beautiful day. then we drop like a rock tomorrow and soar on wednesday. i'll have your full forecast, let you know what that means for where you live. >> as the commute is starting to build for 880 we have a crash, reports of a car on its roof. details coming up. >> mike, we bring you a live look from the south bay, the lights dancing in the early morning dawn. the sun soon to come up on this monday, day one of your work week, september 16th, this is "today in the bay." hello and good morning. it's 5:30. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. we have new developments to tell you about in colorado this morning. rescue helicopters able to fly again in colorado searching for people stranded by all of the major flooding going on. a lot of heavy rain, more rain
5:31 am
pouring over the weekend. grounding rescue operations temporarily. more than 1200 people so far have not been heard from. at least five people have been reported dead so far. roads, they have been washed out to more than 18,000 homes either damage ordinary destroyed. you see some of them with rain up in the flooding the water up to the roof. meantime, volunteers, they are pouring in to help out. bob redell, he has that side of the story including a few of the volunteers coming from right here in the bay area. >> reporter: good morning. just three red cross volunteers from the bay area headed to colorado to help people hurt by the floods, but keep in mind they point this out, this is just the beginning of their response so it's possible more from the area could be headed to the zone. it's a matter of waiting for the call from authorities in colorado to tell them what is needed. we spoke with one volunteer from the east bay, she is now in colorado. she gives a pretty good sense of
5:32 am
what it's like. and what was striking to her is how packed the shelters are. >> all of these kinds of disasters, situations, whether it's a house fire that only affects one family or a massive disaster that affects the region, either way it's always it's heartbreaking and the red cross is there to make that journey a little easier and help out as much as we can. >> reporter: she says that people were forced to evacuate so quickly they didn't have time to grab their identification. as far as how you can help, they are not asking for food, not asking for items because they don't have a place to store those, they don't have a warehouse or anything. the best way is go on the website and donate cash. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. coming up we'll be going live to colorado with all of the latest on the efforts going on to the
5:33 am
rescue of hundreds dropped by all those flood waters. >> crews in italy, they are starting that daring effort to raise the shipwrecked "costa concordia" cruise liner to be towed away. this is a live look from the scene this morning. engineers are using pulleys and counterweights to right the ship resting off the coast after it ran aground in january 2012. so almost two years ago. we just learned engineers have successfully detached it from the reef no. new bodies have been found. the crash killed at least 30 people. two are missing. the captain faces charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. his trial resumes next week. work to right to ship started just after midnight. they were delayed because of a storm and now the process is expected to take about 12 hours. >> closer to home mt. diablo state park reopening a week
5:34 am
after a large wild fire forced it to shut down. parkers will spend the weeks repairing. the so-called morgan fire was contained finally on saturday and it burned a little more than 3100 acres for the week. investigators say target shooting is to blame for starting this fire. >> firefighters say they are finally close to containing that rim fire in yosemite park. the forest services saying the cooler weather helping them tamper down the fire. right now at 84% contained. this marks the third largest fire in state history. >> let's check the local forecast. you say it's going to be a nice day. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. good morning to you. even on a monday, you know, mondays aren't that fun, let's face it. the weather is going to be so nice. by the time you're done with work and driving home, you'll be
5:35 am
so happy. beautiful barbecue conditions we head throughout the day. onshore flow picking up. for us that means low clouds to start the day but a gorgeous finish and a come fortable sea breeze. tomorrow that turns breezy to windy. i'll let you know what that means. that race still happening. one of the shows you don't want to miss. 63 degrees livermore, 61 degrees to kick off the kay in oakland. for this afternoon by 1:00 p.m., temperatures nice and comfortable, 76 at 1:00 in san jose. highs bat 3:30 in the afternoon. 77 degrees in san jose. one of those days you don't need ac, you might need it in livermore but if you play your cards right, shut the blind bfrs you leave that will help. once the sun drops off between 6
5:36 am
and 7:00 the cool ocean breeze picks up. open up the window, we're begin air quality for today. let's check on your drive. >> things were moving until about ten minutes ago. there is a crash. here is fremont. this is 880 at the truck stales. down to tesla, you see the volume is picking up right as this happens. a smooth drive at mission for 880 and 680. north approaching things are slow, 84 and the dumbarton bridge a. crash at thornton. it's blocking the fast lane. we're waiting on word of injuries. also reports of luggage and debris. luggage in lanes was the original vort i'm not sure if this was caused by debris. watch the right three lanes, so leaving you the far left lane.
5:37 am
we also have the build out of the alta mont pass and flowing for 84 as you head down and where the typical first congestion hits. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the left lanes start a heavier flow. on this of those lanes is not yet open. >> local first responders get ready to take part in a disaster response training exercise at sfo. christie smith is live at the airport. this training is extremely valuable especially in the wake of the asiana air crash. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning. san francisco's first responders do these drills to practice for the real think. they practice on aircraft fires, evacuations. they have a new tool. this drill includes firefighters, paramedics,
5:38 am
practicing pilot extrication and casualty into the new mv-22 osprey aircraft. it provides humanitarian help or for disaster relief it takes off and lands like a helicopter but has the ability to fly like a plane with the teaching. they will expand instruction for air crews, pilots will get more time in flight simulators to prepare for approaches to airports without guidance systems. today essexer size is a preview of a series of exercises that will happen starting on october 7. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> 5:38. coming up on "today in the bay," the united nations about to reveal a report showing whether the syrian government used
5:39 am
chemical weapons on its own people. >> hundreds waiting to be rescued after high flood waters pushed them from their homes.
5:40 am
5:41 am
welcome back. we take you live to italy. this is the "costa concordia." you remember that this crashed almost two years ago in january of 2012. and now crews there, engineers working to right the ship. it started after midnight. this project is expected to take about 12 hours if you can believe it. so we give you a live look. we're monitoring their progress. it's 5:41. just in to the newsroom the head of a u.n. commission investigating war crimes in syria says 14 suspected chemical weapons attacks were carried out. he is still awaiting evidence
5:42 am
from a separate team to figure huet is responsible for the attacks. tracie potts is live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that separate report is due out today from the united nations inspectors looking into what happened just last month in syria. this is the report that was supposed to tell us the what but not necessarily the who in terms of who is responsible. however, we've learned that it apparently does point a finger to some degree at the syrian government, suggesting that the artillery that was used to fire poison gas was artillery that is used by the syrian government. we wait to get more information on that after the security council is briefed on it today. secretary of state john kerry is in france, he's trying to drum up support from our allies there for this deal that he came up with, with russia over the weekend, to get syria to turn over its chemical weapons. so far this morning france has commented saying this is a major step forward, great britain says
5:43 am
they will support our efforts though they did vote recently not to get involved militarily. president obama says that military option still on the table. >> tracie, thank you. >> this morning there could be possible unity happening in a strained relations between north and south korea for the first time since april, south korean workers, this have crossed into north korea to start the reopening of kaysong industrial park which employs workers from both countries. the two countries agreed to reopen it on a trial basis. the north has softened its tone after threatening south korea with nuclear attacks earlier this year for what it called provocative joint military exercises with the u.s. >> tell you what, if you were lucky enough to get on the accidental dream deals, united airlines says yes, it will honor all of the tickets it gave away for free and very low prices.
5:44 am
thursday united accidentally listed some fares for zero dollars or as we like to say, free ninety 9. it will honor all of those tickets sold along with those low fares which saves hundreds. the airline will not say how many tickets it gave away or how much this mistake will cost the airline. >> a school district in southern california is trying to stop cyber bullying by tracking students' social media postings. the glendale unified district hire add company. it has stirred debate. the district hired the company to help curb on line bullying, drug use and other problems. after two teens committed suicide last year. >> two big storms are pummeling mexico from opposite directions
5:45 am
causing mudslides and flooding that left at least 21 people dead. tropical storm manuel came ashore on the country's coast. it's expected to dump 15 inches of rain in some areas. on the other side gulf coast residents seeking from thunderstorm ingrid. the good news ingrid weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm as it hit land. >> as we continue following a developing story. at least five people are dead, hundreds of others stranded as a result of that massive flooding in colorado. a good part of boulder county simply under water. mike sigh dell is live right now in boulder where they hope for some break in the weather today. mike, how is it looking? >> reporter: jon, they are going to get a big break. we have a misty situation this morning, that kept the choppers down yesterday.
5:46 am
the chinooks and blackhawks which pulled over 1,000 people out of the foothills. but the water is still running through here. this will back warf the sun coming back. these are the belongings of this house here, by the way, this pile here, some of this from the street but a lot of this came out of their house. they have friends from the church, neighbors came out. the owner thinks that about 30 tons of mud and silt came out. the power never went out but the water at the peak of the flood on thursday morning was bright here. you can see the water line on the house. that runs through part of the four-mile creek, and there is the creek still rushing. nine months the creek runs dry. this is the situation that you don't typically see. this is the highest he's seen this and he's been out here 26
5:47 am
years. a lot of homes damaged or destroyed. 19,000 structures, businesses closed and it's the towns in the foothills like the lions area cut off because the roads and bridges have been sacrificed. trying to get all of the people out of the mountains, it's going to be a long time before they can get back. the power, the gas, the phone communication is down. that's why they have about 1250 unaccounted for. they think most of those folks are alive but haven't been able to get in touch with them. the sheriff north of here does expect that death toll will rise. misty morning but again, the sunshine returns for the rest of the week. what some are saying a 1,000-year flood. 17 inches of rain, the average annual rainfall is 20. that puts it in perspective.
5:48 am
>> wow. mike sigh dell, thank you. devastating conditions. >> meteorologist christina loren, really a blessing. >> really a blessing. they get heavy snowfall there every single winter, but yeah, the roads and highways not equipped to take that much rainfall. heavy rainfall is a whole other animal. we have the chance for light rainfall. i'm going to get to that. this morning temperatures are comfortable to kick off the final monday of summer. we kick off fall come sunday. temperatures representative as we get into the weekend like i'm talking showers. i want to talk about the wind. winds are playing a bit of a factor, sustained speeds bat 12 miles per hour. in san francisco, that means hold onto your steering wheel as you cross the golden gate bridge. that wind is out of the west and you're traveling north to south or vice versa.
5:49 am
4 miles per hour sustained wind in livermore. the cool ocean air is moving all the way inland and the low clouds span inland as well. what we are expecting, we stop the clock on futurecast at 5:00 where you get these warmer dollars. that's going to be an impact on the coastal area. so if you live near the coast, expect the winds to whip. tomorrow we expect more. starting to get the oranges and reds. you look to the key, the high end shows you 40 miles per hour gusts potentially. through the second half of tomorrow, you know what tomorrow is, the america's cup races on the san francisco bay. we didn't think we were going to have these. oracle making a comeback over the weekend. this is what we expect. 77 in oakland, 68 in san francisco, tomorrow at america's cup not as warm, a downgrade from the upper 70s to the low
5:50 am
60s. plenty of wind that's going to keep your sky sunny. a birthy told me i'm going to be throughout live. that should be a good show. tuesday into wednesday look at the difference, mike. 79 tuesday, jumping to 90 on wednesday. up higher for thursday so 93 degrees. we're calling it summer's last blast. friday we drop you back off, bringing showers. might be time to get new wind field wipers. >> we're looking here north 101. the the volume building over the last 15 minutes. we've seen this where we see our sensors show the slowing. a mild slowdown registering around the upper 50s, 60s, right around 680 and 880.
5:51 am
starting to show the build but nothing big showing up just yet. this is the start for the south bay. we see a moother drive but it's slow all the way from dakota past thorton. a smoother drive down toward morry avenue. between thornton and morry, still causing a slowdown. getting to and across these, the dumbarton and the san mateo bridge moving nicely. a smooth drive, the crash has cleared. there is a journey concert. with the bay bridge we have the backup in both sides. >> 5:51 we're following breaking news on the east coast, reports of an active shooting at the washington, d.c. navy yard. these are very early reports but
5:52 am
the u.s. navy sweeted out that there is an active shooter on its campus. the up date three shots fired at 5:20 this morning. these are tweets but our affiliate confirms the reports. we're keeping an eye on the situation as you can imagine and will update you as soon as we find out more. and jumping across the wires, police and fbi saying that the hoot shooter is reported in a military building and at least one victim so far. breaking news, an active shooter at the washington, d.c. navy yard. >> we'll keep you posted. very fluid situation. thank you. coming up, one bay area government agency is using crowd sourcing to try to make much needed improvements. >> wall street, big changes ahead for the fed.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back. it's 5:54. nonprofit group wants to help jump start three big park improvement projects in san mateo county. the parks foundation is launching a pilot crowd funding program in hopes of raising $43,000, the campaign involves three projects. the bicycle sundays on pinata road, restoring the endangered thorn mint to edge wood park and replacing the fire rings at memorial park. the program seeks to enhance, not replace, much larger capital improvement projects. >> the financial crisis turned five years old over the weekend. scott mcgrew, this one not a happy birthday. >> we're still dealing with the leftovers. jobs did not return to the same level, personal income down. home prices are better. more about that. it was five years ago sunday that lehman brothers collapsed. you could say this started the 2008 financial cry swiss bear stearns or the take over of
5:56 am
fannie and freddie. there was no one moment. but president obama will speak about this anniversary in a rose garden speech this morning. he is trying to stave off the next crisis some in congress have threatened to vote against raising the debt ceiling. i mentioned house prices. data on existing home sales later this week. there is a lot of evidence, housing prices have cooled a bit nation wide. rising mortgage rates one of the causes. and some of it is just the calendar. home sales in general start to slow at the end of summer. wall street got good news over the weekend. former treasury secretary larry summers will not be the next fed chairman. he has withdrawn his name from consideration. investors like that because summer was seen as someone who would wind down the easy money policies much faster than janet yellen, considered to be a dove, less worried about inflation. the opposite he gets called a
5:57 am
hawk. >> thank you. >> thank you. 5:56. we continue following breaking news. reports of a shooting at the washington navy yard. we're waiting to find out more and see how many people have been shot and how bad those injuries are at this point. we'll have a new update. >> we give you a live look at what's going on in italy. crews continue that slow process of righting the "costa concordia" to get it out of the waters, off of italy. we'll have the latest details coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals.
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this week, a super low price on breakfast. honey bunches of oats is only $1.88 a box. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. make it a triple scoop. dreyer's ice cream is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. this breaking news on the east coast. an active shooter reported at the u.s. navy yard in washington, d.c. good morning. thanks for being with us. it's about 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. lots of fluid information coming in right now as we go to scott
6:00 am
mcgrew in the newsroom with the latest. >> good morning. the details few, jon, just coming in. we can tell you is d.c. police and the fbi say there is a shooter inside the military building at the washington navy yard. police responding to reports of shots fired and fbi spokesman says there's at least one victim. we're not sure on that condition. the navy also confirming on the internet they are looking for a gunman, we're told still on the loose. we do have our affiliate in washington, d.c., that would be wrc, they are doing the same thing we are, we are -- they are covering that breaking news, no pictures out of the washington navy yard just yet. this is the home of the navy system's command in washington, also the home of the chief of naval operations. we continue to monitor this. less listen as


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